What a Twit…


Writing a blog, especially a cycling blog, isn’t easy, and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise. In some ways, it’s far harder than the rides themselves. Not the first few months of riding, in which I suffered like a fat bloke wearing incredibly tight pants at Christmas dinner with the in-laws. That was, of course, purgatory, which is doubtless why the words came easily, despite the relative lack of newsworthy events. Despite the evidence of the ever-present gut and each ride finishing with my face looking puffy (much in the same way that Chris Boardman used to look after a TdF Prologue-winning ride), the riding has, for the most part, become a little easier. Yet the words are somewhat harder to find.

I didn't say that I'm a Twit, I said I'm on Twitter

I didn't say that I'm a Twit, I said I'm on Twitter

So, for a little while now, FatMan has been embracing the weird and wonderful world of Twitter. Don’t panic, fair reader. This is not a move away from writing these pages, but should be viewed as a valuable addition. The other problem with writing a cycling blog is that it’s always going to be about cycling. Nothing wrong with that per se, but there is, just about, more to life than carbon compact chainsets, deep-section rims, and stretchy spandex. Those things, along with plenty that is FatMan will be covered on Twitter. Sadly, the Fat Man on a Bike twitter moniker has already been taken. By a fat man, who admits he hasn’t ridden his bike in yonks.


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