It’s all gone a bit Marvin…


Since the ride to the bike shop on the 13th October, those more observant amongst you might have noticed that there’s been little to read in the annals of your’s truly, Fat Man Esq. The miles have been ridden, and the maps have been plotted on the ol’ interweb, but the writing has taken something of a back seat in the metaphorical car journey of cycling life.

I’ve tried to remember the rides as best I can but, at my advanced years, I can’t. I was hoping that, one day, I would have the time to sit down and write about the rides that had gone undocumented, but that time is long past. As Marvin Gaye would say, were he not dead and providing that he felt particularly inclined to comment on a lowly cycling blog, “it’s a desperate situation”. Unless I was to abandon the blog entirely – and that just really would not do – drastic measures are now called for.

"What do you mean, you're not going to write about it?"

So, as I have no idea how on earth to write about the last calendar-month-and-two-days, I’m not going to. I can tell you that I’ve covered a paltry 417.14 miles in a variety of weather conditions, with 375 of them done alone. Chris has made it out for a 42-mile ride to Hitchin and back, and rode like he’d had his legs hollowed out then re-filled with trifle. Sadly, the trip to the bike shop resulted in what has proved to be nothing more than a waste of thirty-five quid, and the bottom bracket still creaks.

That’s it. Fat Man on a Bike is now up-to-date. Normal service can now been resumed.


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