Ooooaaahhh! New shoes…!


Wednesday, 3rd September

Having been at work overnight, which generally means that I have to go to bed upon my return home, the day started with not much news on the cycling front. In fact, with a physiotherapy appointment for a long-running niggling shoulder injury following a fractured clavicle that I didn’t know I’d fractured until my visits to doctors and their evil cohorts, there was even less time in the day for cycling.

Instead, I spent what was left of the day, and huge sums of cash, on the provision of some new footwear. The shoes I’ve been wearing are as old as my old bike which, I worked out not so long ago, is a geriatric seventeen years old. I suppose it’s no surprise that my feet have been going numb.

New shoes bought, I took myself home with all due haste, fitted some shiny cleats to the soles, then began the three weeks of agony that it will take to get them in just the right place. Several laps “round the block” were just about all I managed. A map would be pointless. So here it is.

(I told you it was pointless.)


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