“Dear Mr Ullrich…” – An apology


Right. First things first (obviously). The embarrassing part where I lay my chunky cards on the straining, creaky table:

Weight: 87.3kg
Tyre size: 37″

Since these have been recorded first thing in the morning, before I have graced my lips with even the presence of a cup of tea, I shall assume that these “statistics” are relatively accurate.

Now, on to less pressing matters, but something that should probably be highlighted: the header. Yes, it features the great Jan Ullrich and, yes, he was a rider with some weight problems.  I’m sure his weight was not attributed to the hearty German breakfasts that I’m he probably scoffed, pre-race, with great relish (Branston perhaps). It should be stressed that I’m not comparing myself to the giant German, nor was I intending to make fun of his yo-yo weight issues. In fact, I was looking for nothing more sinister than a TdF image in the mountains. A good-ol’ Google search provided me with big Jan, and the devilish side just had to pop his straining mug atop the blog.

So, Mr Ullrich, if you’re reading, I’m sorry if you thought I was suggesting that you’re chunky. I’m sure you probably are. but I wasn’t.

Ullrich. With gut.

Tour de France 2004 - Ullrich in the final Time Trial

Tour de France 2004 - Ullrich in the final Time Trial


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