Death on no legs.


Chesham-Great Missenden-Chesham. 11.4 miles

I had no legs from the very first pedal stroke today. I knew I was going to suffer, which really doesn’t make the suffering any easier when it comes. It’s not a particularly long ride – I had no intention of doing a long one, knowing that I’ll (hopefully) be in the saddle for most of tomorrow afternoon – but it seemed to take an age.

After the first mile, the route takes you up a shallow ascent which seems to go on forever. In reality, it goes on for about three miles and, as it’s not all that steep, you feel like you should be riding it faster than you are*. I’ve never been a fan of these climbs, and they’ve never really suited me. I’m all for the steeper, in-and-out-of-the-saddle stuff. Sadly, climbs like those found in the Yorkshire Dales are hardly all that common in the Home counties.

Since I’m moaning, I might as well add a bit about the weather. It was rubbish. Just the look of the sky has hardly filled me with delight over the last few days, as it’s been very overcast and miserable-looking. Today was worse, as it was a weird combination of blue sky (nice) with big fuck-off patches of dark raincloud-type nonsense. It begged the question as to what to wear, too. In the sun, shorts and short-sleeved top was more than adequate. Out of the sun was chuffing freezing. Roll on autumn and winter, when “cold” or “cold and wet” is what we can expect, with the usual advice of “wrap up warm” on every meteorologist’s lips.

As it happens, the downhill bits were rubbish too. Not really steep enough to have serious fun, and I don’t yet have the legs to turn the 53/12 for several miles, even on the descent.

Dammit. That’s a hell of a moan.

* Which, of course, in the olden days, I would’ve been. Much faster.

Todays bike: Pinarello Paris with full 9-speed Ultegra and Mavic Open Pros


(Click to enlarge.  It won’t look any more impressive.  It’s a pathetically short ride)


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